Spring Today, Fall Tomorrow

The whirlwind of Forever March Okay – so a lot has happened in the past few months, for everyone. I AM ALIVE! Been very busy, a good problem to have. So let’s catch ya up! Firstly, I am super pleased to announce my band RESILIENT has released a new EP, Take Two – available now […]

March 2020 Year of the Germ

I’d say hello Germs and Gents but… really I just want y’all coronies to go away. This landscape has changed quickly! I am SO thankful for my new gear that I am getting acquainted with, like the wireless system (that I’ll use in like, a year), Roland GoStream live casting gadget, and the super super […]

December Updates

Well! It’s been a year… This past year has brought me to the stages of the Fillmore, the Gramercy, the NorVa, the National, the Queen, and many other amazing venues with Grungeapalooza! I have to say, I really get a kick out of double and sometimes even triple sets. Reminds me why cardio and a […]


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