A Bohnafide Voice Sounds Real

Get raw, clean audio from my professional home studio! Gear list:

ADK Thor Condenser Microphone (stereo match)

ADK A6 Condenser Microphone

DAWs:  Presonus Studio One, Pro Tools, Audacity, GarageBand (if that’s your jam, ya know)

steinberg UR22mk11 interface

Remote direction via Skype, Zoom, and soon SourceConnect.

 Whether you need Singin’ in the Rain or Reign In Blood, I can deliver your message loud or soft, but always clear – all from my own home studio. Need something overnight? No problem (usually, and within reason). I am happy to discuss your project and get it back to you, fast!

Whether you have a creative piece or a professional project, you can count on my voice to chime the tone you need. I love recording audiobooks and working with visionaries to bring characters to life, and am forever a student, so I enjoy eLearning projects as well. When I’m not recording my voice for you fine folks, you can find me tearing it up on the Grungeapalooza tour with one of my bands (after the germpocalypse is over, of course):

Resilient – alt femme rock,  Take Two – *out now* 2020 (all album sales donated to BLM Philly)

Flannel – a Grungy 90s Revival – 90s Rock tribute

Somebody Else’s Sky – Pearl Jam Tribute

Current audiobook credits:

Donut Leave Me – One of the Boys Series – Teresa Crumpton

The Dragon’s Glare (The Survival Trilogy – Book 2) – T.J. & M.L. Wolf

A Gleam of Light (The Survival Trilogy – Book 1) – T.J. & M.L. Wolf

Mr. Wolf v. The Three Pigs: Mr. Wolf Goes to Court – Marie Guillaume, William Guillaume

Belladonna’s Heart: I Ain’t Your Mama Collab (One of the Boys Book 6)

Queen of His Heart  **(2020 Penned Con Award “Most Addictive Audiobook”)** 18+ listeners – Suzanna Lynn

Center Ring: A Novel (The Circus of Women Trilogy) – Nicole Waggoner

the Secluded Village Murders – Shelly Frome

the Pension – Dr. Don Severance