March 2020 Year of the Germ

I’d say hello Germs and Gents but… really I just want y’all coronies to go away.

This landscape has changed quickly! I am SO thankful for my new gear that I am getting acquainted with, like the wireless system (that I’ll use in like, a year), Roland GoStream live casting gadget, and the super super fun Akai MPKmini – my first venture into the world of MIDI!

Anyway! When I wasn’t delivering groceries to those in need this past month, I’ve been working on the first book of a really fun scifi trilogy, A Gleam Of Light – Book One of the Survivor Series by T.J. and M.L. Wolf. It’s based on documented UFO sightings, centrally based on the siting by America West Flight 564 in the 90s. They were so kind as to even send me the audio from the flight, which is a real trip to listen to!

So that’ll certainly take your mind off some things going on down here! Really loving the characters, and I can’t wait to get started on the next two. I’d been geeking out on UFO documentaries in preparation as well. Love this stuff!

Next I am awaiting the release of D. Lieber’s Once in a Black Moon – which I mentioned in previous blogs. This story is an adult listen, some steamy scenes, and I really…really wish that one of her zmeus or hultans would come scoop me up to 1900s Canada right now. While we’re waiting for the release, you can read all about Romanian wizardry and folklore on *her* site:

In other news, I am going to be having SourceConnect installed soon to satisfy the growing needs of the voice over industry! I am so thankful for the kind, brilliant people I have met in this industry. I am forever a student and have been taking this time to expand my skill set, build out more characters, and lend my services to the world of video game voicing. I absolutely love building characters, and this is something that is getting the bulk of people through this stay-home-fest. Knowing I am contributing to folks’ entertainment means a lot to me, and is exactly what we artists do. Now, off to do more of that. Be well, stay home, and stay imaginative and entertained.

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