Getting Started In Voice Over, According to a Newb.

I regularly get inquiries about tips and how to get started in voice over. As you may have realized, the entertainment industry has changed, and adapted, along with those who have the drive to do this work. The first question is, why do you want to get involved with voice over? There is commercial voice […]

Adventures in Audio

I just got back from a writing retreat in TN. My band Resilient rented a cabin (specifically with high ceilings, and a hot tub overlooking the mountains) for a multi purpose retreat. Since the pandemic, we hadn’t been able to get together to seriously jam, since our respective households don’t really have enough space or […]

March 2021 – Heaven and Earth series by Jeny Heckman

Tomorrow author Jeny Heckman and I are having a launch party for her first audiobook, and second in her series, the Warrior’s Progeny! Join us in a lil celebration to officially launch the audiobook – we’re having a chat at 1pm EST / 10 am PST. Come hang if you like Greek mythology blended into […]

Spring Today, Fall Tomorrow

The whirlwind of Forever March Okay – so a lot has happened in the past few months, for everyone. I AM ALIVE! Been very busy, a good problem to have. So let’s catch ya up! Firstly, I am super pleased to announce my band RESILIENT has released a new EP, Take Two – available now […]

March 2020 Year of the Germ

I’d say hello Germs and Gents but… really I just want y’all coronies to go away. This landscape has changed quickly! I am SO thankful for my new gear that I am getting acquainted with, like the wireless system (that I’ll use in like, a year), Roland GoStream live casting gadget, and the super super […]

December Updates

Well! It’s been a year… This past year has brought me to the stages of the Fillmore, the Gramercy, the NorVa, the National, the Queen, and many other amazing venues with Grungeapalooza! I have to say, I really get a kick out of double and sometimes even triple sets. Reminds me why cardio and a […]