Spring Today, Fall Tomorrow

The whirlwind of Forever March

Okay – so a lot has happened in the past few months, for everyone.

I AM ALIVE! Been very busy, a good problem to have. So let’s catch ya up!

Firstly, I am super pleased to announce my band RESILIENT has released a new EP, Take Two – available now at resilient.bandcamp.com

We recorded this pre-COVID… and then the studio was inaccessible, therefore our files as well. We had a first mix already of SUPERIOR, and decided in the meantime we would film a music video from our respective homes during the first days of the lockdown, with compiled footage. Watch it HERE.

So far we have received some great press on both the video and the album!

Cherry Vine Zine – Resilient is Getting the Band Back Together with “Superior”
“Resilient is another band of my dreams. If you haven’t picked up on this yet, I feel forged in the memories of the Riot Grrrl culture… Because of our current social distancing restrictions, the video was not shot a traditional manner. Instead, friend of the band, Isaac Forde put together a “quarantine-style” video, resulting in a nostalgic, 90’s aesthetic. The video cuts back and forth between snippets from current news stories and single shots of each band member. It’s a true DIY masterpiece.

The Key at WXPN – Resilient is Back with Urgent NEW EP – Take Two
“The ever-evolving Philly grunge-punk project has been around since 2013, and has lived up to its name by releasing music and playing shows around town consistently over the years, and reuniting despite conflicting schedules and busy personal lives to make the new EP.”

Philadelphia Globe – Kev & Ty’s Record Club 8/14
The ambiguity of the Take Two title is rooted in live tracking the record in “one or two takes,” as well as redemption for the group’s original line up. Finally, some music with guts. –Kevin 

As obviously we cannot have a release show, we are coming up with some different ways to celebrate and push the release. Keep an eye out on both my and Resilient’s instagram accounts, as we’re getting ready to release another music video. We have some other things up our sleeve that I’m not quite ready to reveal yet.

In Voice Over World, the first audiobook of three in the SURVIVOR TRILOGY – a Gleam of Light – is now available on Audible! Based on real events, this sci-fi adventure has been a challenging delight for me. It follows half-Hopi Una Waters, now a government worker, as she fights for more than justice in the heart of her hometown reservation.

Queen of His Heart was recently nominated for MOST ADDICTIVE AUDIOBOOK by PennedCon – you can vote here (if you have listened). Now, this book does have some very adult sections. It was fun, though, and really pushed my limits.

This coming MONDAY I will be a speaker with KEEP THE GHOSTLIGHT ON – a discussion about the challenges the Artistic community faces during this pandemic. To listen in and join in on the conversation, check out the linked event above. Last week featured writer/actor Ron Marasco (40 Year Old Virgin, Illusion, the West Wing) who had many thought provoking insights, which I truly aligned with.

The main points that resonated with me were using this time to look within, and work on things maybe we wouldn’t normally have the time to focus on. He of course put this much more eloquently, and I was very moved by his words and thoughtfulness in the conversation.

If you’re interested in the state of the Arts, I encourage you to join us! In the meantime, also check out NITOlive.org The National Independent Talent Organization, of which I am now a member. During this time of physical distancing, and limitations on gatherings, NITO seeks to bolster the live music industry, and literally save it from extinction.

The reason SMALL, INDEPENDENT venues are important are because they are truly the root of new music and new ideas. It is where the magic begins, and artists can move up from 100 person rooms to 500 etc etc… you get the idea. You don’t go from 10 people head count to filling stadiums. And that is why it is critical these places survive this pandemic, as well.

To show your support please contact your state’s representatives in favor of the RESTART and SAVE OUR STAGES acts.

And that’s about it, you’re all caught up! If you have any questions or would like to know more about what I’m doing, leave a comment or check in on instagram.

I’m always happy to consider new projects of any type, time willing!

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