RED – new audiobook out now

It’s finally here! Check out this dark twisty story inspired by the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood… lemme say, she ain’t so little no more. Definitely a story for adults, a romance tale that has just a touch of Stockholm syndrome but I think it’s deeper than that. I love working with Nichol and her stories always have some unexpected and DARK twists. Love her stuff. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did narrating – I got to have a lot of fun with the variety of characters and creatures. She always lets me play! Below is the link to it on Audible – let me know what you think!

Red – Nichol DeCastra

Publisher’s Summary

After being sent into the woods to check on her grandmother, Meave “Red” Simmons finds herself being chased down by a pack of werewolves, led by Sói who tells her she has been sold to his pack. When Maeve manages to escape him and make it to her grandmother’s house, she finds the older woman has been brutally murdered, causing her to pass out. 

Later on, Meave wakes up to discover that she is in the pack’s manor and her ties to the pack go beyond her parents selling her to them. And her connection to Sói started when she was a small child. As Maeve and Sói get to know each other once more, the pack is threatened by an old enemy, The Red Hunters. 

While the pack deals with the latest threat, Sói and Maeve reconnect with each other. And when the final battle comes Maeve finds herself having to make a choice not only about her arranged marriage but about Sói’s life as well.©2017, 2021 Nichol DeCastra (P)2022 Nichol DeCastra

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