Your Audience Will Listen…

You know who you want to talk to. Let me help you reach them. As a professional voice over artist, I’ll make sure your message is not only heard, but remembered. I record from my Pro Tools equipped home studio with an ADK A6 Cardioid microphone, which cleanly captures the subtle vocal inflections that humanize a voice. My wide vocal range extends from the soft cooing of a gentle caretaker, to a shrill scream of new-car joy, and a singing range that covers alto to first soprano. I also offer post production, including backing music (a music bed) and sound effects. Whatever your vocal needs may be – I can deliver, and fast!

There is no job too big or too small. Need a female voice for a PSA or charitable event? I have special rates for non-profit and charitable organizations. Contact me for a quote – I’m always happy to hear from new clients!

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